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* indicates Simcoe Chapter Members

February 15, 2022
“A Vision for the Future of Downsview”
Speakers: Derek Goring* (Executive Vice President, Development, Northcrest Developments) and Kristy Shortall* (Vice President, Development, Northcrest Developments)

January 12, 2022
54th Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members


November 23, 2021
“Inclusionary Zoning: the Genesis, the Law and the Developer”
Speakers: Mark Conway* (President & Senior Partner, NBLC), David Bronskill* (Partner, Goodmans LLP) and Andrew Duncan (Chief Investment Officer, Riocan)

May 11, 2021
“yongeTOmorrow: the future of Yonge Street”
Speakers: Jacquelyn Hayward (Director, Project Design & Management, City of Toronto – Transportation Services) and Cassidy Ritz (Manager, Major Projects, City of Toronto – Transportation Services)

April 21, 2021
“Why have Toronto condos become so %@$#$! expensive?”
Speakers: David Wex (Partner, Urban Capital) and Russell Mathew* (Partner, Hemson Consulting Ltd.)

March 23, 2021
“History of the Regent Park Revitalization”
Speakers: Remo Agostino (Vice President Development, The Daniels Corporation) and Peter Zimmerman (Senior Director, Development, Toronto Community Housing Corporation)

February 23, 2021
“The Retail, Office and Commercial Market and the Impact of COVID-19”
Speakers: John Filipetti (Vice President, Design and Innovation, Oxford Properties Group), Peter Nikolakakos (Vice President, Planning and Entitlements, Cadillac Fairview) and Peter Norman* (Vice President & Chief Economist, Altus Expert Services, Altus Group)

January 12, 2021
53rd Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members


December 9, 2020
“The Housing Crisis: Defining solutions for Toronto’s employers and developers in partnership with school boards, universities and non-profit organizations”
Speakers: Michelle German (Vice President, Policy and Strategy, WoodGreen Community Services) and Craig Ruttan (Policy Director, Energy, Environment & Land Use, Toronto Board of Trade)

November 18, 2020
“Bringing Mass Timber to Residential Missing Middle Buildings”
Speakers: Leith Moore (Co-Founder, R-Hauz) and Mike Barker (Co-Founder, R-Hauz)

August 26, 2020
“Bill 197: Its Anticipated Parks and Development Charge Impacts in Toronto and the 905”
Moderator: Kim Beckman*, Partner, Davies Howe LLP
Panelists: Audrey Jacob* (Deputy Regional Director, Canada East, IBI Group), Gregg Lintern* (Chief Planner & Executive Director, City of Toronto), Claudia Storto* (City Solicitor, City of Markham)

May 26, 2020
“COVID-19 Pandemic: The Immediate and Long-term Impacts on Land Development in Ontario”
Moderator: Agnieszka Wloch* (Vice President, Development, Minto Communities – Canada)
Speakers: Mike Mestyan* (Vice-President, Development, Tridel), Lesley Pavan (Director of Development and Design, City of Mississauga), Russell Mathew* (Partner, Hemson Consulting Ltd.)

March 4, 2020
“Transit-Oriented Development: Challenges and Opportunities”
Moderator: Lorraine Huinink (Associate Principal, Access Planning)
Speakers: Marni Dicker (Executive Vice President & General Counsel, LiveWorkLearnPlay), Derek Goring* (Executive Vice President, Development, Northcrest Developments), Rick Schippling (Director, Commercial – Transit Oriented Development – Metrolinx) and David Atlin* (Senior Vice President, Altus Group)


November 27, 2019
52nd Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members

October 28, 2019
“Beyond Technology: What Sidewalk Labs means to the future of urbanism”
Moderator: Peter Thoma* (Partner, urbanMetrics)
Speakers: Steven Turell (Associate Director of Development, Sidewalk Labs, New York), Pino Di Mascio (Director of Planning, Sidewalk Labs, Toronto)

September 30, 2019
“Should Municipal Planning Departments be Transformed into ‘Municipal Planning and Economics Departments’?”
Speaker: Alain Bertaud, Urbanist and Author

June 19, 2019
Simcoe Chapter Field Trip to the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus
Speakers and Tour Guides: Scott Mabury (Vice-President, Operations and Real Estate Partnerships, University of Toronto), Ron Venter (Chair of the University of Toronto Project Planning Committee, former Chair of Mechanical Engineering and Vice-Dean) and Richard Sommer (Dean, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design)

April 16, 2019
“More Places to Grow: What Should the Province Propose in the Update to the Growth Plan, Planning Act and LPAT Reform?”
Moderator: Russell Mathew* (Partner, Hemson Consulting Ltd.)
Panelists: Dana Anderson* (Partner, MHBC Planning, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture), Larry Clay (Former ADM, Ministry of Municipal Affairs), Patrick Devine* (Partner, Devine Park LLP) and Kelly Matsumoto (City of Toronto, Legal Services)

February 26, 2019
“An Adult Conversation About Autonomous Vehicles: the issues of deployment and urban transformation, not a lesson on automotive technology”
Speaker: Bern Grush (Chief Innovation Officer at Harmonize Mobility, Inc. and Automated Fleet Strategist at Grush Niles Strategic)

January 23, 2019
“The Changing Face of Retail”
Moderator: David McKay* (Vice President & Partner, MHBC Planning, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture)
Panelists: Ira Kagan (Partner, Kagan Shastri, Barristers and Solicitors), John Archer (Chief Development Officer, 360 Collective) and Matt Rubinoff (President, Tusk Global Ltd. and Founder of STACKT)


December 4, 2018
51st Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members

October 24, 2018
“One Year into the Toronto Local Appeal Body: The Good, the Bad and the Costly”
Moderator: Aaron Platt* (Partner, Davies Howe LLP)
Speakers: Michael Goldberg* (Principal, Goldberg Group), Amber Stewart (Amber Stewart Law) and Alexander Suriano (Solicitor, City of Toronto Legal Services)

September 18, 2018
Simcoe Chapter Field Trip to Kitchener-Waterloo
Speakers and Tour Guides: Craig Beattie (Partner, Perimeter Development Corporation), Mitchell Blaine (Senior Vice President, CBRE), Dan Currie (Partner, MHBC), Kurtis McBride (CEO, Miovision), Ryan Mounsey (Senior Economic Advisor, City of Waterloo) and Carl Zehr (former Mayor, City of Kitchener)

May 1, 2018
“Developing for Multiple Objectives – The New Class of Land Developers”
Speakers: Gordon Harris (President & CEO, SFU Community Trust), Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker (Partner, Urban Strategies) and Anne McIlroy* (Principal, Brook McIlroy)

February 20, 2018
“The Future of Toronto Hydro’s Distribution Grid: Challenges and Opportunities”
Speakers: Joe Bilé (Manager of Conservation Demand Management (CDM) Program Delivery and Business Development, Toronto Hydro) and Hani Taki (Manager of Standards & Policy Planning, Toronto Hydro)

January 20, 2018
50th Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members


December 5, 2017
Simcoe Chapter 50th Anniversary Celebration
Keynote address by the Hon. Bob Rae: “Planning for the Common Good – Looking Forward and Looking Back”

November 8, 2017
“Toronto’s Housing Affordability Conundrum”
Speakers: Murtaza Hazider (Ryerson University) and Mark Conway* (N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited)

September 26, 2017
“Entering a Brave New World: A Panel Session on OMB Reform”
Moderator: Roslyn Houser* (Goodmans LLP)
Panel Members: Michael Melling* (Davies Howe LLP), Lindsay Dale-Harris* (Bousfields Inc), Chris Barnett (DLA Piper) and Barnet Kussner* (WeirFoulds LLP)

June 7, 2017
“Transformation of CF Toronto Eaton Centre: Can High-end Retail Thrive in the GTA’s Favourite Shopping Centre?”
Speakers: Wayne Barwise (Executive Vice President of Development, Cadillac Fairview) and senior members of the Cadillac Fairview development team

May 16, 2017
“The Story of Eglinton: the Next Chapter”
Speakers: Lorna Day (Director of Urban Design, City of Toronto) and Edna Cuvin (Manager, Metrolinx Rapid Transit Program Unit, City of Toronto)

February 21, 2017
“You Get What You Pay For: Is it Time to Diversify Funding Sources for Canadian Cities?”
Speaker: Dr. Enid Slack* (Director, Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto)

January 17, 2017
“What Happened with the Foreign Investment Tax in Vancouver? And How Much Off-Shore Real Estate Investment is There in Toronto Anyways?”
Speakers: Richard Cook (Principal, Jorden Cook Associates), Shaun Hildebrand (Senior Vice President, Urbanation Inc.) and Hunter Milborne (CEO, Milborne Real Estate Inc.)


November 29, 2016
49th Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members

October 25, 2016
“Rail Deck Park: How to Build a New 21-Acre Downtown Park in the Air”
Speakers: John Livey* (Deputy City Manager, City of Toronto) and Aaron Platt (Partner, Davies Howe Partners LLP)

September 28, 2016
“Shaping Land Use in the Greater Golden Horseshoe: Update on the Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review”
Speakers: Marcy Burchfield (Executive Director, The Neptis Foundation), Larry Clay (Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing) and Joe Vaccaro (Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Home Builders’ Association)

June 8, 2016
Simcoe Chapter Field Trip to the Fort York Visitor Centre
Speakers: Marc Ryan (Principal, PUBLIC WORK), David O’Hara (Manager, Fort York Historic Site) and Patrick Morello (Principal, LANDinc)

April 12, 2016
“Vaughan Municipal Centre – the Future is Now”
Speakers: Tim Simmonds (Executive Director, Office of the City Manager, City of Vaughan) and Paula Bustard (Vice President, SmartREIT)

February 16, 2016
“The State of Urban Design in Toronto”
Speaker: Harold Madi (Director of Urban Design, City of Toronto)

January 19, 2016
“Love the Shoes! Where Did You Get Them? The Emerging Retail Environment and What it Means for Real Estate”
Moderator: Russell Mathew* (Partner, Hemson Consulting Ltd)
Speakers: Maureen Atkinson (Senior Partner, Research Insights, J. C. Williams Group) and Tom Smith* (Senior Vice President, Development and Learning, SmartCentres)


December 1, 2015
48th Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members

October 13, 2015
“Transit and Sustainable Transportation in Toronto”
Speaker: Hilary Holden (Director of Transit and Sustainable Transportation for the City of Toronto)

May 27, 2015
Simcoe Chapter Field Trip to the Aga Khan Museum

March 24, 2015
“Good Urbanism: A Profitable Decision. A Look at the Economics of Good Urban Design”
Speaker: Lynn Richards (President & CEO, Congress for the New Urbanism)

February 24, 2015
“Tackling Toronto’s Infrastructure Deficit”
Speakers: Lyn Townsend* (Partner, WeirFoulds LLP), Kim Beckman* (Partner, Davies Howe Partners LLP Lawyers), Craig Binning* (Partner, Hemson Consulting Ltd.) and John Livey* (Deputy City Manager, Planning and Public Works, City of Toronto)

January 27, 2015
“Toronto’s Condominium Conundrum: Livability and Intensification”
Speakers: Robert E. Millward* (President, R.E. Millward & Associates), Gregg Lintern (Director, Community Planning, Toronto East York – Toronto City Planning Division), Frank Schirripa (Vice President Sales, Plazacorp Investments Limited) and Mark Conway* (Senior Partner, N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited)


November 25, 2014
47th Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members

October 28, 2014
“Tall and Super-Tall Buildings: Globally and in the Toronto Context”
Speakers: James Parakh (Manager of Urban Design, Toronto and East York District, City of Toronto Planning Division) and Richard Witt (Principal, Quadrangle Architects Limited)

September 23, 2014
“Redefining Bloor & Yonge”
Speaker: Alan Vihant* (Senior Vice President, High Rise, Great Gulf Homes)

May 13, 2014
Simcoe Chapter Field Trip: Tour of Waterfront Parks and the 2015 Pan Am Games Athletes’ Village Site

April 7, 2014
“Urban Parkland and Park Policies: A Panel Presentation and Discussion”
Speakers: Ronji Borooah* (City Architect, City of Markham), Jeannette Gillezeau* (Senior Director, Altus Group), David Leinster (Partner, The Planning Partnership) and Janet Rosenberg* (Founding Principal, Janet Rosenberg & Studio)

February 24, 2014
“Update on the 2015 Pan Am Games: Capital and Games Planning”
Speaker: Martin Kenneally (Senior Director, Security and Accreditation, TO2015 Organizing Committee)

January 21, 2014
“OMB Reform: Learning from Our Past”
Moderator: Mary Flynn-Guglietti* (Partner, McMillian LLP)
Speakers: Doug Colbourne* (former OMB Chair), Donald Granger (former OMB Vice-Chair), Bruce Krushelnicki* (former OMB Member) and Susan Rogers (former OMB Member)